How to install the floor cage of solar lights ?

How to install the floor cage of solar lights ?

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How to install the floor cage of solar lights ?

(Summary description)How to install the floor cage of solar lights ?

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How to install the floor cage of solar lights ?

The construction personnel may be responsible for questioning the unreasonable choice of the installation site according to the situation on the construction site and stop the constuction , and report the situation to the relevant person in charge withn the first time, Rectification must be completed within a time limit, in accordance with actual  construction standards. The installation steps of the solar street lamp base cage are as follows:

5. Choose suitable cement in strict accordance with the foundation map of solar street lamps,Special acid and alkali resistant cement must be selected in places with high soil PH,there should be no imrities in the fine sand and stones that affect the strength of concrete. 

6. The soil around the foundation must be compacted. 

7. The bottom of the tank where teh battery compartment is placed in the foundation must be added with drainage holes or according tothe requirements of the drawings.

8. Before construction, the two ends of the threading pipe must be blocked to avoid  the entry or blockage of foreign objects during or after the construction ,resulting in difficult or impossible threading during installation. 

9. After the foundation of the solar street lamp is manufactured , it needs to be cured for 5 to 7 days (determined according to the weather )

10. The solar street lamp can be installed after the foundation experience of solar street lamp is qualified. 





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