Resilience and growth

Resilience and growth

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Resilience and growth

(Summary description)Resilience and growth

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Resilience and growth

Market development-strong before the pandemic, community solar programs recently launched or expanded in New Jersey,Illinois,Rhode Island and Virginia continued during the crisis. 

As states consider investing in renewable energy as part of their  economic recovery efforts,this trend may continue and more policymakers,regulators and advocates will learn and adopt best practices to balance market Multiple interests and the economic viability of community solar energy. 

Although the true scale of the impact remains to be seen,it depends to a large extent on the duration and severity of the economic recession,but the reality is that this crisis has exacerbated our accelerated transition to widely available and affordable renewable energy Need. As more companies ,consumers,schoolsand municipalities seek the simplicity and flexibility of community solar energy,and more and more developers and financiers purse predictable and stable investments,their the value in this mission will continue to increase. 


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