China LED lighting power supply in 2020

China LED lighting power supply in 2020

  • 2020-11-02
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China LED lighting power supply in 2020

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  • 2020-11-02
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China's LED drive power output occupies the first place in the world, there is still room for improvement in the future
As the production base of global LED lighting products, China is also the gathering place of global LED drive power industry. As the global LED lighting manufacturing industry continues to transfer to China, the output value of China's LED drive power is expected to further increase in the global share, which will further boost the market demand of domestic LED drive power manufacturing industry.
Market penetration rate and market competition show different characteristics in different market segments
In terms of market penetration, the current market penetration of outdoor and industrial LED lighting applications, which are mainly matched by medium and high power LED drive power sources, is still relatively low. In the future, with the rising market penetration of outdoor and industrial LED lighting applications and the continuous expansion of new application fields, the potential market demand for medium and high-power LED driving power will grow relatively fast.

In terms of market competition, due to the medium and high power LED drive power supply mainly matching used in outdoor, industrial LED lighting field, such as product in constant voltage and constant current technology, applications in high reliability and safety and to deal with bad environment aspects such as the demand is higher, its technical barriers and industry are relatively high, the market concentration and industry profit margins are relatively high.
The latest policy summary
The development of LED drive power supply is mainly affected by the downstream LED lighting industry policy. LED lighting is known as the "third revolution" in the development of human lighting industry due to its characteristics of high efficiency and energy conservation. Governments of major countries and regions in the world have issued a series of encouraging policies to vigorously promote the development of LED lighting industry.



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