Key points and difficulties in industrial design of intelligent street lamps

Key points and difficulties in industrial design of intelligent street lamps

  • 2020-12-02
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Key points and difficulties in industrial design of intelligent street lamps

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  • 2020-12-02
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The environmental monitoring
Equipped with meteorological or environmental monitoring components, smart lamp posts can collect data on the environmental conditions of cities, including water accumulation, air quality, soil humidity, noise pollution, air pressure, PM2.5, light intensity, wind speed and wind direction, etc., to help build a green, safe and livable city.

Emergency call
Intelligent street lamps can also integrate emergency call and rescue system: in case of emergency, the public can use emergency alarm and visual intercom system, through the function of one-button help, can quickly connect to the safety management department, to provide people with better and safer information and protection.

For the convenience of service
Smart street lamps can also provide self-service navigation, parking space query, accurate public transport query, weather check/broadcast, bike-sharing location query, etc., to facilitate citizens to travel; It also sends out reminders for cleaning staff to clean up garbage and improve work efficiency. We will provide convenient services to the people in many areas, build a high-tech city, and enhance our comprehensive competitiveness.

Shared services
Smart street lamps can provide sharing services, such as integrated city information displays and charging ports for new energy vehicles. With the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, there are more and more new-energy sharing cars, and how to solve the problem of difficult charging has troubled many users. The deployment of ev charging piles is realized by using the position of intelligent lamp posts and the characteristics of self-power supply, which solves the problem of charging difficulty well.



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