Application of FMD FT8901X switch section dimming scheme

Application of FMD FT8901X switch section dimming scheme

  • 2020-09-02
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Application of FMD FT8901X switch section dimming scheme

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  • 2020-09-02
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In recent years, with the entry into force of laws and regulations on the prohibition of the production of incandescent lamps at home and abroad, the LED lighting industry has been further promoted and its market share has been continuously expanded. Especially since 2012, the total volume of GLOBAL LED lighting lamps will maintain an annual growth of about 40%. The LED lighting industry has an unlimited future.

Since 2013, some enterprises in the LED lighting industry have started to develop intelligent LED control solutions from LED functional lighting, such as WiFi, Zigbee, 2.4g BT and other control methods. The overall material cost of this kind of scheme is relatively high, and it has not been fully promoted at present. A small part of the scheme has been applied to high-end commercial lighting.

In addition, really worthy of cost-effective dimming scheme, should be a switch segment dimming; It does not increase any cost (no dimmer is needed). The user operates the AC switch on the wall and switches it in the order of 100%->50%->25%->100% dimming to realize the function of switching segments dimming. If the user feels the light is too bright, he/she can directly switch AC to reduce the brightness. Fully in line with the global trend of green environmental protection.

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