LED optical engine is commonly defined

LED optical engine is commonly defined

  • 2020-09-15
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LED optical engine is commonly defined

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  • 2020-09-15
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Professor MAO summed up a more common definition of an LED light engine, in which the LED light source is powered by a constant current on an aluminium substrate.
Could the whole LED light also be called an optical engine? 'Of course not,' Mr. MAO said. Just as the whole car can't be called an engine, the engine is the powertrain of the car, but it is not equal to the car, and the shell must be added to become a car. The reason why products like optical engines are needed is because all lamps have a variety of appearance. Some lamps can even be called works of art.
Take the incandescent bulb, which is arguably the simplest form of light bulb, complete with candle lights or tiny Christmas lights. But it comes in all shapes and sizes. Especially the crystal lamp is a variety of arts and crafts, extremely gorgeous. But leds also have to be coupled with an extremely complex constant-current driver to work as well as an incandescent (220V to light up). If you make an LED into an optoengine, it will also light up like an incandescent with 220V attached (with a matching radiator, of course). While this facilitates standardization, it also greatly facilitates the case (and radiator) designer to do what he or she can.


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